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SMC Certification is advisable to candidates after attending 126 hours of training and clearing the various test conducted in the Basic Medical Coding Training Program. SMC covers in depth all concepts of individual Specialties like EM, Anaesthesia, Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, Medicine. Vacancies in companies or Medical centres is based on Specialties. Companies always look for EM coders / ED coders/ Radiology Coders, ….SMC training program is end to end a job oriented one and also aids in preparation for exams like CCA, CCS-P and CPC provided by AHIMA and AAPC from USA.SMC certified candidates can directly walk into any company as a Specialty Coder and deal all rounds of Interview CONFIDENTLY as the Training would be based on both Theory and Live or dummy charts as need be. Completing Basic Medical Coding would be an added advantage.

For example – say an Organization is looking for a Radiology Coder – Completing a Radiology Training Package with us will fetch you a job in the market as you would be aware of Terminologies, Anatomy, ICD Guidelines, CPT Guidelines, Modifiers and exposure to multiple forms of Radiology Sample charts

This Training would also help you SWITCH Specialties, say you are a Radiology Coder and you are looking for a job change but the vacancy is only for ED coder. No worries…!

ED Training Package of H Bay will equip you with all concepts necessary to clear the Technical Rounds as well as perform at par with an ED coder on Floor.

Topics Included:

  • Medical Terminology relevant to the Specialty
  • Complete Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology to understand and handle the charts and Clinical tests, Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures involved in that particular Section of CPT
  • ICD-9 CM General Coding Guidelines and Chapter Specific with respect to the Specialty being trained
  • Training on Modifiers frequently used in the selected Section
  • Complete Exposure NCCI edits
  • Understanding the Specialty in depth using plenty of sample charts and coding scenarios
  • Detailed Exposure to Coding using sample charts and solved CPC/ CCS exam papers
  • Revenue Cycle Management and HIPAA Compliance Training
  • A Strong BASE for Certification preparation

Salient Features of SMC Training:

  • Training completely focused on current market needs and certification requirements.
  • Complete ICD-9 CM, CPT-4 and HCPCS training as per Section.
  • RCM training with HIPAA compliance.
  • Multi-Specialty Coding Training Packages in Evaluation and Management (EM/ ER/ Critical Care) Anesthesia, Surgery (Ob Gyn/ Neuro/ Gastro..) , Radiology ( including IVR), Pathology and Medicine ( or Internal Medicine) Coding.
  • Certification provided after successful completion of training