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Dr.D.Anitha Kumari

Founder & Director –Al Talouk Medical Coding & Billing Training Centre

101 Nasa Building AL Murqabat, Deira, Dubai. PO BOX 41368 UAE

Dr.Anitha is the Founder and Director of ATMC- Dubai, with more than 13+ years of experience in Healthcare Industry and Won Enabler Award at Omega Healthcare Management Services. Prior to ATMC, she worked as a senior management position with various healthcare industries in India and Dubai. She also has extensive experience in Medical Coding & Billing training process in various BPO & KPO sector. With the combination of being a Professional Doctor and Psychologist she adds flavour to the quality of Medical Coding & Billing training. Rare combos of such skills helps in Understanding the mind of the Trainee and deliver training based on the IQ of the various Trainees. Anywhere Mind Study helps human climb the ladder faster. ATMC has such unique team to have a blend of Coding Skills with Psychology & Medical Background. A well-trained team of doctors with Medical Coding experience and CPC certification is assisting Dr.Anitha in executing the various Training programmes.Below is Dr. Anitha’s notable career path as a senior management, consultant & Trainer at various Healthcare industries:

  • Director – H-Bay Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  • Former Board of Directors –Lemur Global Pvt. Ltd
  • Medical Coding Consultant in various BPO & KPO.
  • Training Manager – SJR Healthcare Services
  • Assistant Manager (Training) in Omega Healthcare Management Services handling complete Coding Training process for more than 2 years in both Chennai &Trichy locations.
  • Back office Coding Consultant – Scio Inspire Healthcare Services for ICD 9-10 conversion Software
  • Medical Coding Trainer in
    • Nurture Resources
    • Prospero Consultants
    • Assisi Foundations
    • Flagship Md India Pvt Ltd
  • Former Director of Right Choice Healthcare Solutions.

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • Soft-Skill Trainer 8 years.
  • Former Lecturer in Saveetha Dental College.
  • Consultant Psychologist
  • Member of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt Medical Service Camp Team – Practitioner for more than 7 years.
  • Financial Director for Mareno Trans Pvt Ltd.,
  • Executive Committee Member for Mother Tree
  • Been a freelancer soft skill trainer to various schools, colleges and corporate as a Psychologist –Group Dynamics, Management Skills- time, Finance, Stress, People, Situation are a few topics dealt with.
  • Travelled down south widely almost all districts for Training either coding or soft skills.
  • Counselling Psychologist – Personal, Premarital, Health, Educational, Career or Stress related.